Hygienic waterless or dry pedicure


Waterless or dry pedicures started gaining popularity in the early 2000s when news about unsanitary pedicures spread. A dry or waterless pedicure is the most sanitary way to receive a pedicure, as there is no cross contamination from other clients and no water borne bacteria which eliminates the risk of you catching any infections.

Dry pedicures are also a great service for people with ingrown nails or diabetes since foot soaking isn't recommended.

Since you are not soaking, you will be surprised at how long your polish will last. This is because your nails are not expanding when drenched in water. 

A dry pedicure is similar to a regular pedicure, but it is carried out with more focus on infection control. Dry pedicure in Fribourg is carried out by a professional that is trained to respond to fungal and other infections, ingrown nails etc...

It is thorough and hydrates your feet and heels. The process involves exfoliation, heel softening, massage, cuticle cleaning and shaping, application of nail polish, and much more. You can get the best medical pedicure in Fribourg from us or podiatrist.

The treatment of the ingrown nail is based on pedicure care. It also acts to prevent certain problems, for example by working on posture and footwear, or even the possibility of ingrown toenails correction (orthonyxia). 

Orella offers different orthonyxia techniques for the correction of ingrown nails such as the installation of a titanium wire or BS tabs. It is a painless treatment and provides lasting relief.

Japanese pedicure

Created 400 years ago for Japanese aristocrats, the Japanese Pedicure treatment is an excellent alternative to nail polish. Classic pedicure in combination with a unique ancient technique using beeswax and mineral powders to restore and strengthen the nail plate without any nail polish or chemicals. Perfect for tired or damaged nails, achieving a healthy look and pearly shine.


SPA pedicure Orella

Your perfect SPA pedicure. Nails soaked, filed, buffed with care, cuticles tidied, hard skin removed, feet exfoliated with Orella organic scrub, massaged with specialised cream, nails hydrated with oil and polished to perfection.


Dry pedicure prices

pedicure hygienique

60 chf

SOS ingrown nail care or Ingrown nail correction system with Titan wire or BS tabs

80 chf

Express pedicure (toes only), gel polish application

120 chf

Dry pedicure, exfoliating, gel polish or Japanese pedicure application, massage

100 chf

Nude dry pedicure, exfoliating, polish or base coat application, massage

10 chf

Plantar verruca Treatment

Spa pedicure prices

100 chf

Nude SPA Pedicure: bath, exfoliation, polishing or base coat application

120 chf

SPA Pedicure and nail polish or gel polish (removal included)

80 chf

Express pedicure and varnish or gel polish application

30 chf

Cutting and filing nails 

20 chf

Gel polish removal