Classic manicure or Russian manicure (dry technique)

Hands are your business cards, your beauty and your success, the first thing you see when you say hello. 


Of course, we don't all have long hands with slender fingers, but by devoting a little time to it, each hand should be able to become beautiful and transform into a case that a beautiful ring will adorn with its lights.


Japanese manicure

Heal, strengthen, nourish, perfect and promote growth. It is an SOS treatment that restores strength to brittle, soft and split nails. In the case of the Japanese manicure, after the normal manicure the nails have a treatment, thanks to which they will be healthier, stronger, prettier and shinier. 

We discover a shine and a uniformity on the surface of the nail that we had never seen in nature. It is exactly as if a shiny top coat had just been applied. But here, there is nothing. You feel like you've traded in your nails for new ones. You have to admit, it's quite stunning. The result is self-sufficient, no need for base, color varnish or top coat.


CalGel organic gel

Sores that often happen when you multiply poses of varnish, nail art, semi-permanent varnish, false nails or even resin. Obviously, we can never remind you enough, when you are a real "nail addict", letting your nails rest from time to time can only do them good with CalGel. 

Calgel is a microporous organic gel that permanently protects the nail. This allows air and moisture to pass between the gel layers and the natural nail, while giving it a thin, natural look. Calgel also helps strengthen and support brittle and soft nails, it helps to regrowth better in order to provide strength without resorting to artificial nails. It is for this reason that no break is necessary between treatments. Calgel is an extremely resistant gel: its strength is in its flexibility. It acts as a shock absorber on the natural nail, removing any risk of breakage or cracking of the natural nail. Its flexibility gives it a feeling to the touch similar to our own nails.

If you bite your nails and want to feel more beautiful, Orella works miracles with her Calgel sculptures. This natural technique makes it possible to have longer and more resistant nails, until they grow in a natural way. 

Once Calgel has been correctly and cleanly removed, you will find the natural nail in perfect condition, clean and without damage. The condition of the nail will be both improved and it will remain just as strong and hydrated.

Russian manicure gel lac

Price of a Manicure 

50 chf

Classic manicure with polisher or base

60 chf

Classic manicure and application of simple or french varnish

70 chf

Classic manicure and application of semi-permanent or Japanese varnish

60 chf

Russian manicure with polishing or basic laying

70 chf

Russian manicure and application of simple or French nail polish

80 chf

Russian manicure and semi-permanent or Japanese nail polish

100 chf

Ideal manicure with natural nail reinforcement and application of semi-permanent or French varnish

110 chf

Ideal manicure with natural nail reinforcement   and CalGel application

20 chf

Removal of semi-permanent or gel

from 3 chf

Deco or nailart