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Classic manicure

Hands are your business cards, your beauty and your success, the first thing you see when you say hello. 

The hands and feet are frequently abused or bitten. These parts of the body are exposed to all kinds of weather, activities, chemicals, dust, pollution, and so on. They work tirelessly and should be cared for to prevent any health complications.


Looking beautiful is important to every woman. Hence, having well-manicured hands and feet is a top priority. Each session will leave you with beautiful hands and feet; nicely polished with flattering colours. This boosts self-confidence and makes a mani-pedi worth it each time.


Russian manicure gel lac

Dry technic or Russian manicure

The Russian manicure or dry technic consists of using an electronic filer (like the one typically used for acrylics) to remove the extra cuticle under the nail bed with a tiny e-file headpiece. This nail tool removes the excess skin surrounding the nail bed, just as nippers do. With this technique, each nail gets a cuticle massage and gets perfectly trimmed. Think of it as a cuticle exfoliation and treatment. Once you try this manicure, you’ll feel totally different and softer skin on the edges.

While there is a dubious belief that cutting your cuticles damages the nail bed, in reality, Russian manicures and pedicures can make your nails shinier and improve nail growth. They look clean and glowy for a long period.

When done correctly, it is totally safe, but as with all treatments, it’s important to find a licensed expert who has experience before booking your appointment.

Russian manicures can actually be safer than other cuticle-trimming techniques, as cutting cuticles with a nipper can lead to uneven results and cause irritation if cuts are too deep. The e-filer used in Russian manicures prevents inflammation and unnecessary cuts from a nipper.


What makes this high-end manicure worth every penny is the longevity of it. A Russian manicure can last from three to four weeks, depending on how fast the nails grow. The polish will start to grow out, which is typically when people go to get their gel polish removed and replaced.


Japanese manicure

In the simplest terms, a Japanese manicure consists of applying a special paste onto your bare nails, with a special powder to seal it in. But it’s actually so much more! There is a whole ritual for a Japanese manicure and it’s a very relaxing experience.

The products used on a Japanese manicure are all of natural origins. The paste is a mix of vitamins A and E, bee pollen, keratin and silica from the Sea of Japan. It has a characteristic green colour, and also contains different oils such as jojoba, bamboo, ylang-ylang, and red tea.

The other vital component of a Japanese manicure is the powder, which contains among other things diatomaceous earth and beeswax. It’s used to seal the nutrients from the paste in and give the nails a slight pink sheen.

This makes it a very gentle type of manicure designed to make your nails stronger and healthier than before. The end result is a pearlised shine and healthy and natural looking nails. For best results, you should have several Japanese manicures, about three weeks apart tops. 

Otherwise, the protective film will stay in your nails for about two weeks. There is no removal process, the Japanese manicure will just slowly wash away with no need for nail polish removers or anything. It has no side effects, so there is no real reason to wait in between treatments if it has faded.  If you wash your hands very often it will go away quicker, so ideally use gloves when doing the dishes to protect your nails.

Manicureprice in Fribourg

Manicure Prices 

50 chf

Classic or russian manicure with polisher or base laying

60 chf

Classic or russian manicure and application of regular or French polish

80 chf

Russian manicure and gel polish or Japanese manicure

100 chf

Ideal manicure with natural nail reinforcement and application of colour or French gel polish or Cat eye or CalGel

100 chf

Ideal manicure with natural nail reinforcement

20 chf

Removal of gel polish or gel

10 chf

Decoration or nailart

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