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- Self Branding. France
- ThetaHealing Instructor Base DNA. USA
- ThetaHealing Instructor Advanced DNA. USA
- ThetaHealing Instructor, Dig deeper. USA 
- ThetaHealing Instructor, You and Creator. USA
- Mentorship program for coach. Russia
- ThetaHealing, Intuitive Anathomy. Switzerland
- ThetaHealing, Path to purpose & Success. Switzerland
- ThetaHealing, Perfect weight. Switzerland
- ThetaHealing, You and your inner circle. Switzerland
- Yoga Nidra, India
- Videography. France
- Reels. France
- Atma Kriya Yoga Teacher. Germany
- OM chanting organiser workshop. Germany
- Babaji Surya Namaskar teacher. Germany
- ThetaHealing, Base DNA. Switzerland
- ThetaHealing, Advance DNA. Switzerland
- ThetaHealing, Dig deeper. Switzerland
- ThetaHealing, Diamond healing. Switzerland
- ThetaHealing, Soul mate. Switzerland
- Professional Life Coach. Switzerland
- Master - Coach of Metaphorical Associative Cards, Switzerland
- OM chanting organiser. Switzerland
- Dorn massage. Switzerland
- Reiki, Level I and II. Switzerland
2017 - 2018
- Russian manicure, ideal varnish application. Switzerland
- CalGel organic gel on natural nails. France
- Bitten fingernails. France
- Dry pedicure, ingrown nails SOS treatment. Ukraine
- BS brace, ingrown nails correction. Russia
- Diabetic Foot treatment. Russia
- Specialized pedicure for elderly patients. Russia
- Titan wire orthonyxia technique, ingrown nails correction. Russia / Switzerland
Titanium Nails. Switzerland 
Combined Pedicure. Ukraine
Japanese Manicure SPA Certificate. Ukraine
2012 - 2013
- High Definition manicure diploma and ideal pose. Ukraine 
- OPI Nail Protestist Diploma. Switzerland
OPI Microbond Gel Diploma. Switzerland 
Eyelash extension. Ukraine 
Waxing from A to Z. Ukraine
Permanent makeup. Ukraine
- Chinese massage. Switzerland
- Reflexology massage. Switzerland
Lymphatic drainage massage. Switzerland
OPI Absolute Diploma. Switzerland
- OPI Acrylic Modeling. Switzerland
OPI Manicure. Switzerland
- Foot SPA OPI. Switzerland
- Nail Art. Ukraine

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