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Hot wax hair removal


Our specialist waxing therapists are trained to the highest level and are armed with the best single-use waxing products for all skin types and a complete knowledge of the full waxing A-Z. This includes scrupulous hygiene, a speedy yet thorough approach and the ability to put you at ease, all in an opulent and comfortable environment, where you can lie back and relax.

Orella offers you 2 different types of perfect and long-lasting hair removal using warm or hot wax with or without strips.

Corresponding to different skin types: waxes with strips (for legs, back, arms, etc.) and waxes without strips (for bikini area, face, armpits, etc.).

You will also be offered aftercare advice that will strongly advise you not have heat treatments, sauna, steam or exercise for up to 48 hours after waxing.

Waxing price Fribourg

Hair removal prices 

20 chf

Eyelash or Eyebrow Tinting

20 chf

Eyebrows threading

20 chf

Upperlips or Chin hair removal

20 / 40 chf

Half arm or Complete arm

40 / 60 chf

Half Legs or Full Legs

20 chf


30 chf

Bikini Line

Epilation cire. Waxing Geneva

40 / 50 chf

Brazilian bikini or All off bikini

10 chf

Fingers / Toes / Ears / Nose

Hair removal packages

35 chf

Tinting + eyebrows threading

100 chf

Half Legs + Brazilian / All off Bikini + Armpits

100 chf

Eyebrows + Lips / Chin + All off Bikini + Armpits

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