MAC - Metaphorical and associative cards


MAC - Metaphorical and associative cards are an exceptional tool that can be used to access our rich inner world, imagination, intuition, creativity and self-expression. Using images or words, it connects you to your subconscious mind and guides you with questions in a coaching format, and we get straight to the point, finding the solution or the answer we are looking for.

We work together to discover your own strategies and your best tools to find paths to greater self-realization, to finding and taking your place, to giving meaning to your life and to greater freedom so that you can reconnect with yourself.



Price for a MAC session in person or online 


100 chf

Session of 45 - 60 minutes  

150 chf

90 minutes of Coaching or Cards Metaphorical 

450 chf

5 sessions of 60 min + 1 session 45 min for free

900 chf

10 sessions of Coaching / Theta Healing or Metaphorical and Associatives Cards + session of 60 minutes for free