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Bhakti means devotion or action out of love for the sake of love only. There are infinite ways this inner love can be externally expressed. Yoga means union. Bhakti-yoga is union with God through unceasing single-pointed focus and devoted actions out of deep love for Him. The goal for those on the path of devotion is to develop a loving personal relationship with God. As such, this union does not mean merging with God but living constantly in awareness and engagement with that relationship. 

Practising bhakti-yoga requires us to learn how to drop the obstacles and barriers that our mind has created and built up against this love. It pushes wide open the gates to eternity inside of us.

Your soul, or atma, is the eternal part of you that animates your mind and body.

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda was born a kriya-yoga Master with full awareness and mastery of all kriya-yoga techniques. Through His grace, and the grace of His guru, Mahavatar Babaji, the world is blessed with Atma Kriya Yoga.

Atma Kriya Yoga techniques cultivate bhakti, which allows you to experience and enjoy a uniquely personal relationship with the Divine. It is this relationship, in addition to the Shakitpat initiation, that helps clear the way so you can rapidly advance on your spiritual path.

Atma Kriya Yoga is unique. Paramahamsa Vishwananda has given it so you can know your essential Self and awaken devotion to your source and support: God.

Each Atma Kriya Yoga technique is specifically designed to cultivate one of the nine forms of bhakti. Awakening love and devotion for the Divine allows you to enjoy the Divine through your practice, moment by moment, breath by breath. Although the techniques quiet the mind, the spiritual aim is to awaken the soul to its eternal relationship with God by cultivating various forms of bhakti: love and devotion.


As your practice deepens, divine qualities naturally begin to manifest: peace, self-control, strength, wisdom, humility, compassion, vitality, and more.


Atma Kriya Yoga includes Shaktipat initiation which is a transference of spiritual energy that pours the grace of all kriya-yoga Masters into the student. Through the grace of Paramahamsa Vishwananda and Mahavatar Babaji, this blessing plants the seeds necessary for God-realisation and rapid advancement on the spiritual path.

Every student who receives Shaktipat is automatically initiated into the kriya-yoga lineage.

Through the grace of the Shaktipat Initiation, the techniques are simple enough for beginners to learn, yet powerful enough to carry even the most advanced meditators to new heights of divine connection.


Price for the 2 days of cours is chf 480.-
Stridents or Seniors AVS and Ukrainians with permit S price is chf 300.-

Cours taught under request in English, French, German, Russian or Ukrainian 

Cours of Atma Kriya Yoga in 2024
in Fribourg and online:

With Aleksandra
24-25 February in French 
8-9 June
31 August - 1 September
9-10 November

With Pascal
3-4 February
2-3 March
6-7 July
5-6 October



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