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isease & Disorder Course 

Release your fears to working with illness

The Disease & Disorder course was created as a result of Vianna’s healing sessions over the years. Having worked with thousands of clients with various diseases and illnesses, she learned that diseases have their own personalities and related belief systems and that people with similar belief systems sometimes attract these diseases. She also learned that her dislikes or fears of a disease often prevented her from being able to witness the Creator transform the disease in others.


Every day for two weeks, we will work with the students on their blocks of working with different diseases. For example, heart issues can be connected to issues of love and diabetes can be formed from beliefs of defeat or lack of joy. We also discuss the diseases Vianna is familiar with, to give insights into the physical, mental and emotional components of illnesses. Upon completion, the ThetaHealing® Instructor will be one step closer to their ThetaHealing® Master title.


Beliefs, emotions and illness is linked.

Modern medicine only just discovered that the physical body, emotions, thoughts and spirit are interlinked.  In the last 5 years there has been waves of literature like ‘Talk to your body’ and ‘The Wisdom in Your Cell’ flooding the market and inspiring a generation to looker deeper into the self. This Theta Healing course is packed with healer’s tips and practice time so that you can also master the art of healing, plus intuition development to increase ‘x-ray’ scanning abilities.


This course encompasses heavy metal poisoning, the body systems, over 100 diseases and disorders, and covering herbs and minerals, this class is definitely for the alternative professional.


Do you fear working with illness and disease?

This class will help the practitioner resolve one the biggest issue healers have to healing illnesses and facilitating instant healings – fear – the fear of the disease, the fear of contamination or feared beliefs about their ‘limited’ abilities.  Have you ever thought ‘If I touch someone with AIDS, I will catch it?’  ‘Or that if I work on someone with the flu, I will catch it?’,  ‘Or that cancer can never be healed?’, ‘Or that Cancer is harder to heal than the flu?’ Well these are some of the programs healers have, and so you can see by having these limiting beliefs, it will limit the healing.  Vianna once said in class ‘ If a healer has fears around the disease an instant healing will not happen, this class is about understanding and releasing the fears you have to disease. And sometimes there is so much fear along the history and genetic lines that one is unable to reach the creator’s energy.’  The course will help you to identify your fears, resolve them and turn you into a brighter practitioner who can channel more of the Creators light so that more miracles can take place more often.

Includes: Vianna Stibal’s ThetaHealing® Disease and Disorder Book, handouts & refreshments


Certification: This certification counts towards the Theta Healing® Master title, allowing you to use these skills as a practitioner if you choose to.

Practical information:

  • Deposit of CHF100 is required to secure your spot. Full payment made one week before course commencement.

  • Payment plans available.

  • If the date of course is not displayed, please contact me.

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