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Visual is like a dress code, until we are known as a person, we are « read" by our "image". It's about who we are and how we want others to see us, creating the right impression. It's about uniqueness, you as a person, business or product.

Have you ever wondered: What meanings, values and emotions do we want to show through visuals? What hidden meaning do we carry with shapes, lines, colors or poses through photography and how clear are we to our audience? What image and what role do you play on social media and in life? 

In today's digital reality, the value of adequately presenting yourself, your product or the success of your business directly depends on how you present yourself to the world through a photo or video.

The purpose of a visual is to: emphasize you and your personality, your personal strengths, important aspects of your business, reveal you as an expert, enhance business performance, strengthen your personal brand or product brand, attract your target audience and build relationships with them, differentiation from your competitors.

The key to successful shooting of a visual is a complex combination of all its elements: colors, shapes, texture, location details, meanings and external image of a person.

Videographer Aleksandra will be happy to help you find the answer to these and other questions when preparing a visual strategy for the day of the shoot.


What is a Mobile Videographer?


A mobile videographer is me, a person with a cell phone camera who has had a lot of training, sees beauty and angles and delivers them through the camera in the best way possible so that it is aesthetically pleasing and with meaning. In the past, to record a video it was necessary to hire a company consisting of a producer, director, cameraman, lighting specialist, editor, stylist, rent equipment, lamps, etc. Today, I am all these characters in one person :)


If you are a blogger, an expert in your niche, you have an (online) school, store, hotel, beauty salon, bar, restaurant, or you have an event that you want to immortalize, you want a video for your personal archive, or you are looking for a way to reveal yourself? The possibilities for a videographer are endless:

  • Content Creater - Reels, stories, videos for websites, Youtube for: bloggers, influencers, handmade, chef, pastry cook, beauty industry, yoga studios, bars, restaurants, clothing stores, artists, ceramists and anyone who sells through blogging.

  • Content development for the client from idea to realisation

  • Shooting basic or sales content - without the feeling of being shot in one day

  • Montage for bloggers, stores, online schools

  • Video business card - Reveal expertise

  • Montage of ready-made video materials

  • Event content - with or without editing:

Corporate events, wedding videos, wedding dress stores, makeup artists, retreats, Salons, exhibitions, showroom, receiving footage without processing on the day of the event

  • Content meetings for bloggers

Shooting on the blogger's phone, the participant will shoot the photo or video himself under my guidance.

  • Video for personal archive: personal stories, pregnant, newborn, family, brother, sister, baby.

  • Content Tour

Travel to beautiful places, for guides, tour operators

  • Collaboration with photographers

  • Video shooting day with several people 

  • Video portrait 

  • Video as a therapeutical session

work on self-acceptance, self-love, liberation - in order to show the real beauty and believe in yourself !


Tarif for videographie

100 chf

1h Video or photo shooting or montage, including pre-shooting briefing and materials

100 chf

Reels, Video business card, Video portrait

2h shooting + 1h montage, including reshooting briefing and materials

600 chf

Shooting day

including reshooting briefing and materials

Identité Visuelle sur Instagram 

  • Briefing avant le tournage

  • Analyse de stratégie visuelle

  • Guide personnel de recommandations pour faciliter la préparation au tournage (recommandations pour la vêtements, make up, coiffure, emplacement, accessoires et timing)

  • Création de contenu de base ou de vente variable

  • Création de plan de contenu visuel pour votre mur sur Instagram

  • Video ou photos tournage de 2 heures

  • En 2heures de tournage vous aurez du visuel pour les 3-4 mois à venir

  • Recommandations sur le développement sur les media sociaux

  • Bonus: seance de 45 min de thetahealing - travailler sur vos blocages et peurs de parles en publiques, pour se sentir plus à l'aise devant la camera, l'estime de sois etc 

600 chf

*Transportation doesn't included in the prices

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