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Heading to the spa can be a pampering treat, but it can also be a huge boost to your health and wellness! Massage therapy can relieve all sorts of ailments – from physical pain, to stress and anxiety. People who choose to supplement their healthcare regimen with regular massages will not only enjoy a relaxing hour or two at the spa, but they will see the benefits carry through the days and weeks after the appointment!

These are the 10 most common benefits reported from massage therapy:

1. Reduce Stress 

2. Boost Circulation

3. Reduce Pain

4. Eliminate Toxins

5. Improve Flexibility

6. Improve Sleep

7. Enhance Immunity

8. Reduce Fatigue

9. Alleviate Depression and Anxiety

10. Healing from bones and joint injuries

Chinese Massage

During a standard Chinese massage, the therapist may move through various changes to stimulate the meridians. This action is vital because it helps relieve muscle tension and stress. By stimulating the meridians, the two helps to improve the overall health of the client. The TCM also helps the body to release toxins and to strengthen its immune system. This therapeutic process results in increased overall wellness.

Massage has been a fundamental part of Chinese Medicine for centuries, with records extending back to the 2nd century BCE. Contrary to Deep Tissue or Sports Massage, which concentrates on releasing tight muscle knots by targeting blood circulation into the area, Chinese massage techniques additionally aim to promote general health by relieving the flow of energy, or”qi,” around the body.


Dorn massage

A holistic, effective, safe and Non-manipulative approach to correct imbalance in the spine and joint-structure and a True Self Help Method!

The DORN Method has helped people with Backpain, Sciatica, Scoliosis, Neck- and Joint Pains, Hip-Problems, Migraine, Fibromyalgia etc. but also with all kinds of organic (inner) problems and non-physical issues.

The technical approach of DORN is based on natural laws of physics, physiology and anatomy and combines TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) principles/knowledge with western techniques and principles of manual therapy and selfhelp exercises and has produced great results over many years now.


Foot Reflexology


Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or ears. Reflexologists believe that these reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems, and that pressing them creates real benefits for the person's health.

It is a therapeutic method that uses the body natural self-healing process. The foot is a miniature representation of the human body where each area of the foot corresponds to an organ or part of the human body.



It is universal energy that allows you to regain form and joy of living, self-confidence and power of action.

In Japanese, Rei means universal and includes matter, soul and spirit. Ki (or Qi) refers to the vital energy that circulates within us, as understood by oriental medicines.

Reiki is a spiritual, vibrational healing practice used to promote balance throughout the human system. Reiki does not involve physical manipulation or the ingestion or application of any substances, but works with the subtle vibrational field thought to surround and penetrate the body.
Reiki treatment is usually facilitated by light, non-manipulative touch to a clothed recipient. 

The Reiki treatment allows us to put or reconnect “universal energy” with our own “vital force”, with the aim of awakening a dynamic process of healing.

This energy intervenes on our vibratory field by recharging our body with the energy it has lost (due to stress, fatigue, illness, convalescence, emotional chaos, sadness, depression, depression, burnout, etc.) However, it is not necessary to wait until you are sick to benefit from this magnificent energy: you can also receive it preventively.

! Our therapeutic massages are approved by ASCA and RME and reimbursed by insurance!

Price massage

60 chf

Back, head, shoulders, lower back massage 30 min

60 chf

Reflexology  30 min 

100 chf

Relaxing, Chinese, Dorn, Reiki 50 min

Massage relaxant, reflexotherapie

Massage prices

120 chf

Relaxing, Chinese, Dorn, Reiki 75 min

60 / 100 chf

Body scrub  30 min / 50 min

120 chf

Aromatherapy with the essential oils DoTERRA 75 min

Massage n'est pas disponible 

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