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Orella Hygiene

The beauty care industry is not regulated in Switzerland, which can have important consequences, especially in terms of disinfection and hygiene.

One of our main priorities is to offer our customers a pleasant and healthy environment. Hygiene is therefore at the heart of our concerns: we have therefore developed a process that ensures adequate hygiene and disinfection of all our work instruments. 


sterilisation de cabinet

  • Instrument sterilization

Between each client, we disinfect and sterilize the instruments used, before being placed in a UV sterilizer. These processes ensure total disinfection in less than 30 minutes.


  • Hand disinfection

Before starting any service, we disinfect our hands as well as those of customers with an antiseptic gel. This prevents the spread of common germs.


  • Workplaces and premises

After each client, the work places are carefully cleaned and have an individual disposable towel. 

The premises are ventilated several times a day and ensure air circulation in order to guarantee good ambient air quality.

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