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Corporate Wellness

The well-being of employees at work - is the engine of performance in the company


In the current economic context, the image of your company reflects the health of your business, an image that must be represented by your teams. It is therefore important to have a comfortable working environment.


This is added value for you and your employees. This distinguishes you from your competitors, during presentations or meetings with partners or distributors. 

Orella has developed the B2B concept - To improve the quality of employee work and to optimize your profitability. 


This collaboration is already installed in several companies and 5-star hotels in Geneva.


Orella services will take care of your employees, during the break, by offering special offers in your offices, once or twice a week.



• Save time 
• Quality and efficient service  
• Better price for your employees 
• Flexibility, we adapt to the agenda of your employees

• From the 4 treatments reserved in the same day, the reduction of 10% and costs of shift  will be offered

Express manicure and semi-permanent nail polish application 45'

Classic manicure and application of simple or French nail polish 45'

80 chf

60 chf

Classic manicure with polisher or base 30'

50 chf

Express pedicure with polisher or base 30'

70 chf

Express pedicure with simple or semi-permanent nail polish 45'

80 chf

Price of care 

Express facial treatment 45'

80 chf

Correction of the shape of the eyebrows with tweezers 15'

20 chf

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